This is Mike Sadava's first book of fiction after nearly forty years of resisting putting words into people's mouths when he worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance journalist. 
His career put him in contact with people from all walks of life, from convicted murderers to prime ministers. Mike grew up in Ottawa, and had friends living in a complex that formed the basis of The Project. He is also a part-time musician, and currently lives in Victoria, B.C. 
Lydia Beauregard is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Victoria BC. Her favourite medium is pencil on paper, but dabbles with pen and ink for a more comic style.
Her love for people and personalities has inspired
her to keep striving to illustrate such things, be it
for books, magazines, music, fashion, or anything that
might involve our regular,
day to day life.



Welcome to The Project, a postwar working class apartment complex set in Ottawa.
Meet the kids from the Project in 1963: the touch football fanatics, the red-haired heartbreaker, the guy who gets all the girls and the neighbourhood bullies. Then meet them again as adults at various stages of life: the guitar player obsessed with Chuck Berry, the reporter chasing her last big story, the aging ex-hippie, the spin doctor, and the career criminal with a major beef against his brother. Travel to a prison in Victoria, the mean streets of Toronto, a gambling den, a provincial legislature, a dam site in Alberta and the wilderness of the B.C. interior.
These characters grow up to deal with greed, ambition, anger, hot licks, scoops, lust and love.
Most of the stories include illustrations by Victoria artist Lydia Beauregard.

The Project has been shortlisted for the Whistler Independent Book Awards. Finalists to be announced in July.